Export and import operations from a business perspective

International sales

It is not news. Many companies focus on the export of goods to other EU countries, but also very strongly to third countries.

Exports to third countries can,  be a challenge for the company and the clerk, depending on the goods, and especially on the countries of destination. It starts with "simple" questions like

  • "May I import my goods into the country at all?" or
  • "Which delivery and especially payment terms make my business safe?" or
  • "Which (maybe complex) documents do I have to create as an exporter so that the goods leave DE / EU and can be imported into the country of destination?"
  • many other possible questions in detail ...

Our team has the knowledge and tools to support you in these questions. By means of individual coaching, or if necessary on call in the sense of a hotline, we can accompany your company in these business questions.

A well organized and carried out export saves you from downtimes, additional costs, complex documents that have to be delivered later, or even problems with the payment of your invoice.

The easiest way to contact us is via mail info@zollservices.de



International purchasing

Basically the same problems and questions only the other way round as described in "international sales".

An additional challenge is certainly the import into the EU and DE. The issues here like

  • "May I import these goods at all or are they subject to prohibitions and restrictions?", or
  • "How much customs duties (or other duties) do I have to calculate?", or
  • "Can I possibly use preferences for this import in order not to pay any (or less) taxes",

As described above: it's not just about customs issues. It's also about whether the business aspects of the import are designed so that this import is a sensible purchase of goods for your company.