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Clearance of preferences / clearance of suppliers' declarations

Clearance of preferences / clearance of suppliers' declarations

In many companies, these topics involve a lot of work. Of course, a lot of specialist knowledge is then required to ensure that all the necessities are handled safely. Our customers are approaching us more and more and asking "can't you do this?".

In addition to our support services, we now also offer preference processing.

Supplier declarations

  • Requesting supplier declarations from your suppliers
  • Monitoring the receipt of supplier declarations
  • Maintenance of the supplier declaration data
  • Archiving of supplier declarations
  • Delivery of the supplier's declarations to you (after coordination)

Evidence of merchandise

On the basis of the supplier's declarations and, if necessary, individual evidence (preference evidence import), the preference statements are entered in a record for merchandise. This data can be transferred to your master data.

Supplier declarations to customers

After determining the preference (for merchandise and products), the results must be transported to the customer. A standard is through supplier declarations to customers within the EU. The preparation of these supplier declarations can be part of our service.

Preference calculation

Using your products, your parts lists and the determined preference data (e.g. preferences for primary materials through the supplier's declarations), we can carry out preference calculations (using a WuP system).

The processing list rules from the preference agreements (fully automatic) are used for the preference calculations. The calculation result is therefore always available individually for all preferential agreements. This enables you to use the calculation results in a very targeted manner.

Proof of preference to customers

For exports to third countries, it is necessary to issue a correct proof of preference. Based on the determined preference information, this exhibition can be largely automated.

Ideally, we hand over a limit value for your products, which you can process in your ERP system. If your EXW sales price is higher than the limit, you can issue the preference (for the specific transaction). If the EXW sale price is lower, then the preference must not be explained.

Result: a really targeted preference statement for a specific process. Maximum security for preference processing with clearly defined processes.

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